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Living Free With COPD

This Portable Nebulizer is giving freedom to COPD patients

A new medical device is allowing those with COPD to re-gain their old life and activities. It's providing peace of mind for people while spending time with grandchildren or going out to eat, knowing that their medicine is always with them.

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The days of COPD stopping people from enjoying their lives, spending time with family and more may soon be over. Thanks to a revolutionary breakthrough in COPD medical equipment, a new portable nebulizer is available that provides similar treatment as the big at home units, but does it in minutes, and wherever and whenever.

What's most important is that it is charged by a USB cord, just like a cell phone , so it can be used anywhere and most importantly while away from home - helping avoid emergency situations.

Doctors are already hailing it as "one of the best COPD solutions" and are quickly seeing it as an effective solution for improving quality of life and getting back to life before COPD. It's called the Revitality Portable Nebulizer. The Portable Nebulizer provides full nebulization treatments, using existing medications in minutes. This means that no matter where a flare-up or discomfort happens, the nebulizer can provide relief right then and there!

I've had COPD for quite a few years now. I've been using the tabletop nebulizers, but this thing, it works 100 percent better. With this one, I've only had to use it like 3 times a day, where actually my tabletop one, I always had to use it like 4 times a day.

- Mary G.

You know, what I like about this small unit, for some strange reason, I don't understand it, it delivers a lot more medication than the larger units that I used to use.

And, you know, when you're in an emergency situation, you want to get as much medication in you as quickly as possible.

- Annette E.

So How Does It Work?

This Portable Nebulizer is giving back freedom to COPD patients.

The key to the Revitality Portable Nebulizer is the liquid chamber at the top of the unit.

It allows existing medications to be used, whether that be albuterol, symbicort or any other prescribed COPD medicine, and obtain relief in minutes.

It emits a natural vapor than can be inhaled through the included mouthpiece or mask that allows for effective treatment and penetration of the lungs.

A Nebulizer that finally takes real life into consideration.

We Help Change Lives.

⭐ 3 Year Warranty ⭐

Revitality is so confident that it's portable nebulizer changes lives, that every order comes with a 3 year 100% risk-free warranty!

What that means is that if you feel life hasn't improved, or it's not meeting expectations for any reason at all, Revitality will refund every cent. No questions asked.

This makes Revitality a 100% risk free purchase. Either experience a life transforming COPD experience, or get your money back!

Portable Nebulizer


Helping Those With COPD Get Their Life & Freedom Back
Revitality’s Portable Nebulizer is an innovative and life changing solution that provides freedom and peace of mind. Gone are the days of limiting daily activities or feeling fearful to leave home and be away from medicine, as this all in one unit provides powerful nebulization treatments wherever and whenever!

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